Legal Topics

For many people, the term “family law” refers to the issues involved in the end of romantic relationships (married or not married). But “family” is so much more than that, and there are all kind of legal matters that come up in our family lives.

Here you will find information about the legal aspects of creating new family relationships (or “family-like” relationships), such as marriage and other romantic relationships, certain non-romantic relationships, becoming a parent, and related issues (such as fostering, kinship care, and guardianship).

Here you will find information about the legal issues that people may face as a family, such as: children’s rights, child welfare, ageing parents, preparing for illness and death, taking over a family member’s decision-making power, and helping each other out financially.

Here you will find information about dealing with the end of family relationships, such as ending romantic and non-romantic family relationships, as well as all of the issues that can result (such as the care of children, child support, spousal support, and division of property).

The existence of family violence is often a critical factor in what happens in family law proceedings. Here you will find information about how to identify family violence, how to prepare to leave a violent family situation, and how the law can help keep your family safe.

Solving family issues sometimes involves courts, but it does not have to. Either way, you need to know about your options, and what to expect. Here you will find information about navigating the legal system, alternatives to court, and where to get help with legal issues.